Chemical Pesticides

Organic & Green with Lisa Braginton

This may seem a strange place to talk about chemical pesticides, but it seems a perfect time to address issues that may be arising in your yard and garden: According to pest control western suburbs Melbourne, many of our customers are coming in with powdery mildew on their roses and apples, weeds in their pathways, and aphids on – everything!

When raccoons in the attic have been discovered, problems quickly arise. A Houston raccoon removal expert, James Catchings of The Critter Squad Inc. says raccoon droppings can carry a parasite called raccoon roundworm that can cause blindness if ingested by humans or pets.

While a good instinct is to reach for the neem oil or other organic pesticides, using what you have may be a a better choice. An important aspect of being organic and green is to be conservative with our resources. When I was getting raccoon removal services, the pest control expert noticed my unused pesticides sitting on the shelf next to my organic ones. He informed me that if you have chemical pesticides (which applies to fungicides and herbicides as well as insecticides) sitting on your shelf, believe it or not, one of the best things that you can do is use them up – properly and according to label directions of course. Conscientious and appropriate use, minimizing the potential harmful effects on the environment (spraying when beneficial and pollinating insects are not present for instance), may be an acceptable alternative to immediate disposal of your chemical pesticides, and is safer than letting those bottles sit unused. Your home will stay a safe and clean place with BBELA| Pest Control & Bed Bug Removal Team.

Nuisance Wildlife Marshals – rat removal and powerpestcontrol are local certified pest control companies that help in removing these rodents which are a source of multiple diseases. Contact them today to get help.

You can also avail the services of Pest Removal Experts – MHPCD and ensure that your property is free of infestation by pests and rodents. Insight Pest Control provide effective and affordable services.

Of course, if the bottles or packaging are expired or have been exposed to conditions that may have compromised their integrity, you should not use them at all, and there is no sense in using them if a pest problem is not present. In those cases, make certain to properly dispose of them. The Nevada division of the EPA recycling hotline (1-800-597-5865) and Keep Truckee Meadows Beautiful (775- 851-5185) are two resources for disposal information. For future pest problems, consult with Pest Removal Experts – BBEC and nursery experts for the best alternatives that will keep your landscape healthy and balanced.

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